Dan Provides Sys Admin Support

System Admin Daniel has learned more than he imagined about IT and building relationships with Fortune 500 partners. He is a familiar face at the Orlando LMS office. As the System Administrator, you can find him at his workstation surrounded by laptops, phones, and monitors.


Culture Starts With the System Admin

Dan is a welcome presence for new team members. A positive attitude and patience with the learning curve of a new employee serve him well. Since many teammates work remotely, extra steps are needed to set up home workspaces, and he makes it easy. New team members get to know him quickly, as he is the one to manage onboarding to the network, issue devices, and assist in setting up profiles.

Managing and monitoring LMS software and digital environments, systems, and security takes up most of his time. As a system admin, he joins numerous weekly projects and meetings.

His schedule is busy with tasks most never see, and training is constant.

“LMS offers a very supportive environment for its employees. Leadership within the company is always helpful in ongoing learning and development. Some aspects of my work life are challenging, but I appreciate the LMS culture that supports learning and growth.”


Flexibility is Good

The flexibility of the role suits him well. With multiple Fortune 500 companies as partners, LMS and GEM team members collaborate with C-suite leadership and big-budget projects. The bar is set high, which poses challenges yet opens doors to new opportunities for the system admin.

“Some challenges I welcome are learning and adapting to new technologies used by LMS and GEM. Every day there are opportunities to learn and grow professionally by assisting the team and supporting their work.”

Dan’s experience is in technology, and he’s already learned more than he imagined about IT and building relationships with Fortune 500 partners and their customers. He’s a tech geek in his own time and once even worked for the GeekSquad. As LMS system admin, trying new equipment and technologies and learning skills that support his role takes much of his time.

“Prior to joining the team, I was introduced to some LMS employees who had glowing reviews about the company. I’m always interested in new and evolving technologies at work and home.”


Trinidad and Tobago to Orlando

He’s been at LMS since 2021, and Central Florida is home. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, he’s lived here since he was a kid.

Getting away from the electronics is essential too, and Dan takes advantage of local fishing spots and recreational sports. He’s also into sampling local restaurants and the music scene with friends.

“I enjoy living in Orlando. There are fun and interesting things to do. It’s also a great place to enjoy outdoor activities like going to the springs, hiking, kayaking, etc.”