Hologic and LMS Partner

Access to high-quality breast cancer screening benefits everyone. That is the heart of the LMS and Hologic partnership, formed in 2015.

Hologic is a multinational, publicly-traded company with more than $5 billion annual revenue. It develops pioneering products for the early detection and diagnosis of illnesses, particularly breast cancer, with its Genius® 3D Mammography™ exam.

Its outreach extends worldwide, promoting healthcare equality and innovations to help doctors detect, treat and monitor breast cancer. Despite their superior products and success, targeted customers had difficulty finding facilities with the Genius® exam.

A Better Way to Communicate Was Needed

Hologic needed a better way to communicate with customers (doctors, medical facilities) and users (patients). LMS listened and found solutions to connect to customers with innovative database management and CRM.

The LMS technology team in Orlando created a cloud-based CRM with a deeper analytical assessment of Hologic’s user activity.

“We were better able to understand these users and target them,” says Angel Perez, LMS Director of Partner Services. “By understanding the data, you can create more personalized communication.”

The new system created a unique journey LMS named “The Ride,” targeting each end-user based on their profile and history of interactions. Patients could then directly engage in ongoing dialogue and find a facility with the Genius® 3D Mammography™ exam within 20 miles of their zip code. 

LMS constantly updates and cleanses Hologic’s customer database and ensures GDPR compliance. The cloud-based CRM offers economy, security, customer segmentation, and retention. 

“Before the cloud, you had to store it locally, which necessitated a lot of servers. Maintenance was intensive. Cloud-based is more flexible with the same amount of security.”

Access to High-Quality Breast Cancer Screening for Everyone

Access to High-Quality Breast Cancer Screening for Everyone

LMS has primarily fostered the growth of their screening brand, Genius® 3D Mammography™ exam, but the success of “The Ride” has cleared the path for marketing other products. 

With Hologic’s email subscriber list now more than 200,000, the importance of leveraging data to take a strategic marketing approach grows. LMS helps leading companies like Hologic use data to personalize the user experience and execute their omnichannel marketing plan.

“We are living in a hyper-personalized world. The old marketing saying of reaching the right person with the right message at the right time still holds true,” Perez explains. “It is equally important to reach them in the right place. We use data to build a comprehensive user journey, creating a seamless transition for users between digital touchpoints.”

The Hologic brand continues to grow under its groundbreaking technologies and enhanced interaction with patients, doctors, and medical facilities. Hologic has been ranked first in the industry for nine years by the IMV ServiceTrak™ Awards for Mammography System Performance and Customer Satisfaction.

The Genius® 3D Mammography™ system continues to generate revenue as more facilities request the technology, and high-quality screenings become the rule and not the exception.

LMS and Hologic maintain a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust. Each benefit via the expansion of brand awareness, and more importantly, women worldwide increasingly gain access to high-quality health screenings.