Hub Perks

Life in Fort Lauderdale is intense and rewarding. Our HUB (operations center) sits next to Port Everglades and is responsible for the smooth operations of our clients. Our HUB operates 24/7 and requires an extensive team of technicians to monitor operations and react to any issues.

work close to it all

The scenic location is ideal for walks, shopping, restaurants, nightlife, or lounging on the beach. Situated next to the port in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale, the setting has a lot to offer, whether you’re looking for excitement or relaxation.

NOC XOps technology


Data analysts, engineers, and other operations support specialists call the HUB home, each specializing in support of our clients.

Refreshments and snacks

LMS provides an array of food, beverages, and comforts for the team to perform at their best at all times. We enjoy the tremendous responsibility of ensuring operations aboard the ship and ensuring our team has the tools to be at their best.


Our Fort Lauderdale team includes members who work on the ships. We work hard to ensure to maintain the highest standard of quality for our clients but also enjoyable to you.


We make sure each team member’s time aboard the ship is well spent. We work hard, and our attention is always on the guest experience, but we take the time to maintain a balanced lifestyle.


Our onboard team is involved in everything from technical support to the customer experience, depending on the needs of the ship, crew, and guests. Team members are busy and work hard but have the flexibility to enjoy all ship amenities during down-time and breaks.

Travel the world

Life at sea means docking at exotic locations, and our team members have the opportunity to visit port cities and experience different cultures. Over time they develop relationships with people and places across the world. It is an ideal opportunity for an adventurer at heart to enjoy a career while traveling the world.

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