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At LMS, people skills are as essential as technical skills. We invest in our team, support their continued development, and value character and long-term relationships above all else. See our featured jobs for technical career opportunities.


Team Member Journeys

Rajat Narula is the Director of the DevOps Team


Rajat is Our Director of the DevOps Team

Rajat is the Director of the DevOps Team and has been an LMS team member since 2018. He developed the xOpsTools, a collection of monitoring and troubleshooting tools with process automation that enhance the ...

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Serving as a Graphic and UI Designer


Stuart is Our Graphic and UI Designer

Serving as a Graphic and UI Designer can sometimes seem like running an obstacle course. It requires the ability to start, stop, and use your skills on the fly. You may not have a play drawn up at a moment's ...

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Tatiana Change and Problem Manager


A Positive Change and Problem Manager

Few people could take on the Change and Problem Manager position for a global cruise ship fleet with such a positive attitude. Tatiana has been with LMS since 2019 and is the OceanMedallion™ change and ...

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Our Culture

Our teammates bring skills, curiosity, and a desire to adapt to a winning culture.

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Company Stories



LMS Tech and GEM: Two Brands, One Mission

In 2019, LMS President/CEO Steve Cohen created GEM (Guest Experience Maximization) to serve its partner clients better. LMS Tech focuses on data science, consulting, and project management. In the simplest of ...

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LMS Web Launch Press Release

Putting people and innovation first defines decades of success. Flexible CRM and network operations technologies keep it enterprise-level ...

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Hologic and LMS Partner


Hologic and LMS Partnership Built on Communication

Access to high-quality breast cancer screening benefits everyone. That is the heart of the LMS and Hologic partnership, formed in ...

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