Putting people and innovation first defines decades of success. Flexible CRM and network operations technologies keep it enterprise-level ready.

Orlando, FL – October 25, 2022 – LMS, Inc. unveiled the beta version of the new generation of its website Tuesday. The new www.LMSonline.com gives an in-depth look into the technologies and culture behind the company’s ever-expanding achievements. Its pioneering technologies project management, and people and innovation first are reshaping guest relations on a global scale, despite a rapidly-changing world with increased consumer demands.

LMS has built upon years of data-driven research and innovation to develop CRM and Network Operations technologies that enable enterprise-level corporations to consistently deliver beyond expectations. Recent improvements in its cloud-based technologies have streamlined operations for LMS, positioning it for future growth.

“We work behind the scenes, but we’ve grown, and it was time to update our story,” explains President and CEO Steve Cohen. “Our culture makes it work. We recognize our talented team and how important their personal growth is.”

A unique approach to team chemistry and education is proving highly effective in employee retention for LMS, and the new site opens the curtain to the company’s culture. Generous use of team photos gives the site a personal touch, and up close stories of team members, both personal and job oriented, give potential new client partners and teammates a clearer window into LMS.

Big-Scale Innovation

Big-Scale Innovation with a Human Touch

About LMS, Inc.

LMS, Inc. is a data-driven technology company that offers custom solutions for its client partners. For more than 25 years, it has developed methodologies beyond the traditional use of digital and offline channel marketing. LMS’s customized, cloud-based technology solutions, combined with data-driven research and project management agility, have consistently built loyal customer databases and driven Fortune 500 brands beyond their ambitions.