Rajat Narula is the Director of the DevOps Team

Rajat is the Director of the DevOps Team and has been an LMS team member since 2018. He developed the xOpsTools, a collection of monitoring and troubleshooting tools with process automation that enhance the MedallionClass® experiences on all Princess Cruises ships. The custom system identifies and rectifies issues that may negatively impact the experience for the guests and crew.

The DevOps Team operates the xOpsTools that supports the OceanMedallion™, a wearable device that offers hands-free access to services, including boarding, stateroom keys, and payments for drinks and meals.

Rajat initially worked in the hotel industry and left the business to pursue his passion for technology. He began his new journey by enrolling at the University of Miami’s Full Stack Flex Web Development program.

“I came from the hotel industry as a hotel manager,” he says. “For LMS, I began as an incident manager and transitioned to a tech leader. Technology has always been my passion, and this is the first job I’ve had where I’m doing what I am genuinely passionate about.”

The DevOps Team works 24/7/365 and has to be able to make adjustments on the fly to ensure a smooth experience for the Princess Cruises guests and crew. That includes technical incident management, change management, and problem management. They monitor the deployment and troubleshooting of all microservices.

“We do it all, twenty-four-seven,” Rajat assures, adding they sometimes have to be a jack of all trades to get the job done.


What drives him every day?

“Technology is never perfect and needs constant enhancement. Something always needs fixing. I consider myself a student of technology and find that there is always something new to learn that I was not aware of before.”


What improvements has he seen in just four years?

The DevOps Team has grown to be the backbone of the MedallionClass® Program.

“As a team, we find innovative methods of developing and utilizing technologies that have not been used before. We pride ourselves on being resourceful and always finding a way to accomplish our goals.”


What do you enjoy about your job?

“The friendliness, generosity, and attitude of our team are what I like the most. I worked in a corporate environment for years, and it was no fun. I feel at home when I am with our team.”

Rajat enjoys creating and building. His home office is set up like one of the workstations at the xIC ‘Hub” in Fort Lauderdale, employing multiple monitors and processors. A problem solver since he was a kid, he is always curious about how technology works and in what ways you can utilize it efficiently.

He believes technology can take you as far as your mind can imagine, which is how he envisioned the need for the xOpsTools, which he developed to make the system work for everyone.

“I have always had excellent guidance from John Craig and the team, and we needed a better system for technical management,” he says. “I developed the xOpsTools when I saw its need, and I am proud of it.”