If you live in Florida and embrace its natural wonders every day, you’re in the right place.

LMS Creative Director Trish thrives on the Florida lifestyle in the water and behind the canvas. “Away from work, I spend a lot of time on the water paddleboarding and sometimes even lead small groups teaching others how to paddle board. I am currently training for paddle board racing and have recently picked up surfing, which I’ve always wanted to try, but found very intimidating. Taking risks and trying new things are very important for personal and professional growth.”



Natural-Born Leader

A natural-born leader, Trish serves as creative director, leading a team that includes graphic and UI designers, content writers, and web developers, acting as the voice and face of LMS. Her team is directly involved with all teams and partners, bringing continuity to a wide-ranging collection of products and services that LMS provides.

Her objective is to inspire her team to think creatively and provide solutions that exceed expectations. As with other teams, events arise, and priorities shift, requiring adaptability and the ability to look at situations from a different perspective.

“Our creative team has their hands in a little bit of everything, from internal communications to designing dashboards and email campaigns for clients to creating digital content for social media and our websites,” she says. “We work together as a team to accomplish goals and are constantly improving, learning, and growing.”


Trisha Mitchell Thrives On the Florida Lifestyle

She brings the same energy to life outside the office. In addition to watersports, she focuses on acrylic painting. It is a way to bring her appreciation of the Florida tropics full circle, gathering images out on the water and bringing them home to put on canvas.

“When I’m not out on my board, I’m painting. Most of my artwork is inspired by what I see out on my adventures on the river, springs, or inter-coastal. I think many people don’t take the opportunity to enjoy the environment around them. I certainly didn’t when I was younger. I try to not only take in the beauty around me and enjoy it while I’m out in nature but reflect upon it while at home, recreating those experiences through my art.


Thrives On the Florida Lifestyle

Her artwork has appeared throughout Central Florida in commercial and nonprofit ventures. Still, she enjoys painting for fun, gathering a collection she can enjoy for herself and show in the future. The time on the water and the painting are good for the soul and bring peace to a challenging position at LMS.

“As a leader, I strive to inspire creativity, ensure quality of work, and make sure my team members feel engaged in their work.” 


What most impresses her with the LMS team overall?

“Everyone on the creative team at LMS, and honestly company-wide, really have an entrepreneurial spirit. We are energized by collaboration and take responsibility for our own work. If a team member needs help, they communicate with others for assistance to brainstorm or learn. We get things done because we all want each other to succeed and grow. I think everyone’s willingness to collaborate and get creative as a team to find solutions makes us unique.”