In 2019, LMS President/CEO Steve Cohen created GEM (Guest Experience Maximization) to serve its partner clients better. LMS Tech focuses on data science, consulting, and project management. In the simplest of terms, it provides data research and technical prowess enabling businesses to scale beyond their current success.

GEM’s mission is the same, but all about the guest experience. It delivers microservices and management strategies. A specialization in operational excellence and personalized technology is at its core. Creating the ultimate guest experience is the objective.

LMS Tech and GEM share the mission to develop long-term partnerships with Fortune 100 corporations and build upon their success. Both know their partner’s customers. Mining large data sets to discover untapped analytics for partner brands is just the beginning.

LMS and GEM Hologic

LMS Tech Implements CRM to Engage Doctors and Patients

LMS Tech creates a database and email system for its client partner, Hologic, Inc. Hologic manufactures products that improve the ability to detect, diagnose and treat illnesses. They focus on women’s health, particularly breast cancer.

At the outset of the partnership, Hologic needs a better way to communicate with customers (doctors and medical facilities) and users (patients). They create indispensable products, but their customers and patients need to know where to find them.

LMS Tech utilizes its data science, CRM, and project management mastery to create a cloud-based database. Communications integrate, and Hologic markets its technologies to a more extensive base of medical facilities.

Today, patients can better interact with the email system, find facilities and receive personalized updates. The number of opt-in users is now more than 200,000. 

More importantly, the availability of better detection saves lives.

LMS and GEM: Princess Cruises

A Better Guest Experience

GEM’s partner client, Carnival Corporation, sought a more seamless integration of the guest experience on its fleet of ships. Guests need to check in, board, get into their cabin, find places, and forget about carrying money or cards. The crew needs to locate them and better serve their needs and preferences.

There we have the creation of the OceanMedallion™, a quarter-sized wearable device to streamline the process for guests and crew. GEM plays a critical role in supporting the development of groundbreaking technology, and the guest experience is vastly improved.

Guests can now enjoy what they want rather than wasting precious time trying to find it. They can use the Medallion to access their cabin, play games, find friends, and be ready for the 8 pm show. They don’t even need to leave their poolside chair to request service.

It is a revolutionary innovation that continues to grow and build the Princess Cruises brand. GEM supports all the MedallionClass® cruises 24/7, 365 days a year. Its team is onshore and on the ships to make the best experience possible.


LMS Tech and GEM: A Culture of Trust

The culture of both brands revolves around the human element, curiosity, and education. Teams share each other’s successes and find innovative ways to bond. Each brand supports continuing education for team members and encourages them to find new ways to approach each challenge and live better lives.

LMS Tech and GEM is a mutual culture of success and trust, discovering new approaches and technologies yet never losing sight of the human element. They share a clear vision of the future with new solutions, new ideas, and better customer experiences.

Partnerships rely on trust. It extends to the brand, the client, and the customer journey.