Madeleine has been with LMS subsidiary GEM since 2021 as a Shipboard Project Manager and describes it as the “job of a lifetime.” As a Virginia Tech grad with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management (and a minor in Spanish), she’s in the right place, and we’re grateful to have her on the team.

The Shipboard Project Manager is the point of contact for all MedallionClass® technologies, applications, and experiences on each Princess Cruises ship. They monitor the digital experiences on board and regularly report MedallionClass Experience Health to key shipboard personnel.

Shipboard Project Manager

The Medallion

Guests rely on the Medallion, a quarter-sized device, for touch-free boarding, ordering meals, accessing their cabin, and countless services. It must work flawlessly at all times.

Her GEM teammates work on board supporting the crew and from a fully-staffed network operations center on shore, which monitors all 15 ships in the Princess fleet. 

Madeleine explains for herself.I am twenty-four-seven support for MedallionClass experiences while on board ships. My responsibilities include tracking and triaging all incidents, changes, and problems for all MedallionClass technologies.”

Working On Board and From Home

She works on board approximately half of her time and the rest from her home in Virginia. 

“I work on board about two weeks each month. This could be one voyage or two voyages back to back. I will also work from home when I am not on the ship, sustaining the ship I am about to embark on.”

She enjoys her time on board, traveling, and developing relationships with people worldwide.

“There is no such thing as a dull day,” she assures. “Every day, I learn something new and face a new challenge. Everyone on my team is extremely supportive, and it feels nice to be the support the shipboard personnel can lean on as well.”

Outside work, she’s into traveling, baking, painting, shopping, and staying active by going on hikes or to the beach. All members of our shipboard teams get time off to enjoy the places they visit.

“One of my favorite ports was an overnight in Copenhagen and fully immersing myself in the culture for a night. Another great experience was training another shipboard project manager who shadowed me for two weeks in Alaska. We explored the glaciers on mopeds during our free time.”

What is something about Madeleine that no one would know?

“I collect thimbles from each port that I have docked. I started this once I graduated college and now have a total of 56.”

Shipboard Project Manager GEM