Stephen Craig

Stephen is a Shipboard Incident Manager supporting the Princess MedallionClass® cruises. Coming to LMS from South Africa (Durban), he is one of several LMS team members outside the United States. 


Coming to LMS from South Africa

He has been with LMS since early 2021 and brings positive energy daily. As an incident manager, he is responsible for completing a checklist each morning, supporting the crew, and responding to any feedback from them or the guests. Reporting on the status of the Medallion technologies is a constant priority, as is responding to incidents that impact a guest experience or interfere with the crew.

“I like to spend the first couple of hours after waking up evaluating how the technologies and guest experiences are working,” he describes a typical day. “Then completing what we call a health check, which is a detailed report of all guest experiences, services, and technologies that we have on board.”

He adjusts his routine to maximize efficiency during turnaround days and assists other areas onboard or in the terminal. 


Shipboard Incident Manager

Meetings are frequent for an incident manager, who begins preparing reports early for scheduled appointments. Those incidents that occur during the day that affect guests or crew take priority. All other tasks are postponed until the ‘guest experiences’ are recovered.

“Once meetings are completed, and I have assured that all technologies are in a healthy state, I like to touch base with specific crew members of the ship to hear any feedback and offer any support they may need.”

Dine My Way℠ is a new MedallionClass® enhancement that lets guests pre-plan and customize their dining experiences. Paired with the OceanNow® on-demand food delivery, guests can receive deliveries almost anywhere onboard. Like all of the MedallionClass® services, it requires monitoring and testing.

“Having the privilege and pleasure of testing OceanNow® anywhere onboard is fantastic,” Steve describes. “If I am in the middle of a meeting or handling an issue onboard, it’s nice to be able to order a snack and some water with OceanNow® and have a crew member come right up to me as the Medallion provides my live location.”

It is not all work aboard a ship as an incident manager. The work day ends as it does for anyone else, and he can go home – in this case, his stateroom – and watch movies, listen to music, catch up on a streaming series, or video chat with his wife.

As an incident manager, Steve has docked in more than 30 countries and set foot on six of seven continents. 

“I absolutely love SCUBA diving,” when asked what other interests he has. “It’s a newfound love and passion of mine, and I like to dive as often as possible. I hope to start doing some diving tours while sailing abroad.”