managing health and connectivity

Gustavo “Gus” is a Systems Administrator/Technical Incident Manager at our HUB office (xiC 2.0) in Fort Lauderdale, FL. You can find him in the middle of what looks like the Bridge from Star Trek in an active role managing health and connectivity of an entire fleet of cruise ships.

The HUB is the nerve center for Carnival’s Princess Cruises, and the NOC is filled with rows of computers and stacks of monitors. Team members move and speak at a frantic pace, resolving potential technical issues onboard ships before the guests ever know. 

We asked Gus what the most challenging part of the role is.

“Changing gears rapidly as incidents arise, and learning to prioritize what’s on your To-Do list.”

It’s a massive network stretching around the globe, with thousands of crew and guests relying on technical stability to do their jobs or enjoy themselves. The HUB supports all of the MedallionClass® apps and services on all ships. 

“I handle incident management and monitor the health and connectivity of the ships. I also serve as systems admin, supporting all devices used in the project as well as onboarding any new hires into the project.”

A Little About Gus

Full-time at LMS/GEM since 2021, he lives in Miami and is married with two college-age daughters. One graduated from FSU with a degree in Political Science and currently works for the State of Florida’s CFO. The other is a full-time student at a veterinary school in Grenada. 

Gustavo Pinto is originally from Bucaramanga, Colombia, and came to Miami in the early 80s, enjoying it ever since. He has a BS in Information Technology from Barry University and worked in IT operations for 22 years at Accenture before joining us at LMS.

He’s always active and spends a lot of time riding on mountain bike trails, fishing, or fixing something at home. You can also occasionally find him under a tree working on his car.

What is something that no one would know about him? 

“I eat ants. Special ants that grow in the Santander region of Colombia. They are considered a delicacy.”