Versatility and Focus Serve Lesley Girao Well

Versatility and focus serve Lesley well in her role at LMS. Her title is web developer, but she brings so much more to the table. As part of a relatively small department, her ability to think on her feet and adjust to different roles adds flexibility to the team and value to her position.

Lesley has been with us since 2021, working remotely from Miami. She works with multiple teams, testing systems, coding, building websites, apps, dashboards, and whatever else it takes. 


An Army veteran, she is self-motivated and used to working as part of a team. She is a self-taught web developer, learning from online courses and boot camps, and benefits from being extremely motivated and organized.

“I was hired with a strong knowledge of front-end development,” Lesley explains. “With less than a year with LMS, I am gaining a stronger knowledge of backend development. I love being able to help across teams as it encourages my growth as a web developer.”


Leslie serving in Afghanistan

Constantly Learning

LMS seeks talent with ambition and an open mind to add to the growth of the team and the culture. We encourage teammates to continue their education and help with the bill. The company is eager to invest in a team with the potential to overachieve.

“As a Web Developer, I assist the design and development teams by applying best practices for website and application development and maintenance. I collaborate with web design to make a creation come to life on the screen, ensuring features work as expected and making changes when needed. I am constantly learning. On my own with a new course or with a colleague, there is always something new to learn in web development.”


Versatility and Focus Serve Lesley Girao Well

What Keeps It Interesting?

“I’ve always liked solving problems and learning. In web development, there is always a problem to solve. Using best practices to solve a problem is an adventure. Once accomplished, it provides a great sense of pride. I’ve definitely jumped up and down and punched the air so many times in this career. It’s exciting!”

Away from the screen, she enjoys the sights and sounds of South Florida.

“I love spending time with my husband and daughter. We all love being outside, and in the water, so on the weekends, we are at the beach or the pool. At home, I love to cook and bake. My daughter joins me in the kitchen to make muffins and cakes. She’s three and loves to help crack eggs and pour ingredients.”