Flexible and Scalable CRM, Automation, and xOps Technologies Keep LMS and Subsidiaries Poised for Expansion


Orlando, FL – June 21, 2023 – LMS Tech, a subsidiary of LMS, Inc., will launch its inaugural website later this month, showcasing upgraded services and proprietary tools. The rapid growth of LMS, Inc. necessitated the creation of a new brand with a sole focus on technology. 

With the launch of LMS Tech, LMS, Inc. now features two subsidiaries that complement one another as the Company expands to serve Fortune 100 enterprises in diverse industries worldwide. LMS Tech is the development brand, while Guest Experience Maximization (GEM), established in 2019, remains the service brand. 

LMS Tech has significantly improved its CRM and xOps technologies, utilizing a robust cloud ecosystem and automation to create proprietary products to serve its client partners. These technologies have proven flexible and scalable as the company takes on new global partners with added economy and efficiency.

“This is a natural business progression,” says LMS, Inc. President and CEO Steve Cohen. “Our proprietary technologies have progressed to the point where it is necessary to delineate the brands. We are experiencing a profound growth period, which will only benefit our partners.”

LMS has built upon years of data-driven research and innovation to develop CRM and Network Operations technologies that enable enterprise-level corporations to consistently deliver beyond expectations. Recent improvements in its cloud-based technologies have streamlined operations for LMS Tech and GEM, positioning both for future growth.

The new LMS Tech website gives an in-depth look into the technologies and culture behind the company’s ever-expanding achievements. Its pioneering technologies continue to inspire a new generation of customer relations on a global scale in the face of increasing consumer demands.

About LMS, Inc.

LMS, Inc. is a data-driven technology company that offers custom solutions for its client partners. For nearly 30 years, it has developed methodologies beyond traditional digital and offline channel marketing. LMS’s customized, cloud-based technology solutions, combined with data-driven research and project management agility, have consistently built loyal customer databases and driven Fortune 100 brands beyond their ambitions.


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