LMS Announces Strategic Partnership with Carnival Corporation

LMS announces a strategic partnership with Carnival Corporation. Partnership enhances the delivery and support of a game-changing vacation digital experience

Orlando, F.L. (January 11, 2017) – LMS announces a strategic partnership with Carnival Corporation. LMS, a leading technology-enabled consulting partner offering data-driven business solutions, announced its role in assisting with the management, development, and integration of Carnival Corporation’s next wave of vacation travel. The O.C.E.A.N. (One Cruise Experience Access NetworkTM ), was unveiled on January 5th at CES 2017.

The new O.C.E.A.N. platform revolves around a next generation wearable device called the MedallionTM that enables each cruiser to have access to the ultimate personal concierge. This device connects with an optional digital experience portal called the Ocean CompassTM, and an invisible Internet of Things (IoT) network to seamlessly bridge the gap between the physical and the digital.

Since early 2015, LMS has been collaborating closely with Carnival, playing a key role across all stages of platform development with an emphasis on both the concierge and dining experience.

“Our expertise in service-driven innovations and guest-centric capabilities has allowed us to directly contribute to this amazing project and help Carnival achieve their goals on delivering an authentic, immersive, and personalized concierge experience to millions of vacationers,” said Steve Cohen, Chief Executive Officer of LMS. “Together, we are creating an immersive vacation experience that goes beyond personalization and into the realm of anticipating a guest’s needs, wants, and desires
throughout their entire vacation journey,” Cohen added.

LMS continues to work closely with other world-class technology and creative teams across the globe, providing end-to-end support, from ideation to development and integration of the platform. “Our partnership with LMS demonstrates our commitment to guest-centric innovations and we are very happy to have them supporting the overall piloting efforts in transforming the guest experience. We strongly believe in LMS’s continued participation in helping us deliver the innovative technology that enables our guests to have a highly personalized and enjoyable vacation experience,” said Michael Jungen, Carnival SVP, Global Experience and Innovation and Design and Technology.

The new guest experience platform will debut on the company’s Princess Cruise Line (PCL) brand as part of their new Ocean Medallion Class, beginning with the Regal Princess in November 2017. Royal Princess and Caribbean Princess are expected to follow in 2018, with plans for future roll out on the entire PCL fleet over the next several years.

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