Director of Platform Infrastructure and Administration Bob Borelli

Director of Platform Infrastructure and Administration, Bob works out of his home in Worcester, Massachusetts. Consulting, monitoring system security, updates, and assuring best practices fall under his responsibilities, which he describes as a shared position among system administrators.

“Our goal is to work toward the standardization of processes,” Bob said, stressing the project of updating documentation in the Confluence wiki. “We’re focusing on updating standards, more detailed documentation.”

Bob and his team support the team at large providing IT-focused customer service. That includes ensuring all service functions are operational, making purchasing decisions for hardware and software, and responding to service requests from the team.

Director of Platform Infrastructure and Administration Bob Borelli

Bob was hired to do platform work on the OceanMedallion™ project and gradually moved into his current leadership position. He comes to LMS after 20 years at Capgemini, a global IT corporation. He began there in the data center before moving on to administration and virtualization. He eventually had a hand in all aspects of the operation at one time or another, most recently concentrating his time on VMware.


Get to Know Bob

He’s one of the few people you will ever meet who knows how to drive a train.

“They were looking for a brakeman,” he says of his time with the P&W Railroad in his early days. “I was about 22, putting together the trains, gathering the cars, and preparing the route.”

He also worked on an IMSA race car pit crew at various tracks across North America on weekends for more than a decade.

“Loving cars all my life and being close to a couple of tracks, I knew a couple of people in the crews,” he explains. “I volunteered, and they liked the work I did, and I finished the season. I started as a fueler, then was asked to be a tire engineer, so I transitioned.”

He took weekend flights to wherever the races were, worked on the crew, then went back to his full-time job, fondly remembering the team called him a ‘fly-in.’ He still lives with his family (twin daughters) in Worcester, MA, works remotely, and comes to Florida monthly.

“It’s a breath of fresh air coming from a big corporation to a smaller company like this,” he said of the move to LMS and GEM. “People matter, not so much as the numbers. It’s a great atmosphere to be in.”