Aldo is new to LMS and adjusting to life as a shipboard incident manager. Originally from Peru, he is a retired ship captain for the Peruvian Navy.

“It’s quite different, of course,” he says of working on a military ship compared to a cruise ship. “When you’re in the military, you have your mission. On a merchant vessel, you have your operations.”

Aldo joined the GEM team in early July, and his first cruise was a seven-day voyage to Alaska in August of 2022. 

Aldo Navy

He graduated from the Peruvian Naval Academy with a B.S. in Maritime Sciences and Naval Engineering. Throughout his naval career, he served on several warships, oil tankers, and Navy auxiliary vessels on both military and commercial missions. 

He served for 17 years and was a ship captain of auxiliary vessels BAP “Gauden” and BAP “Duenas” before he retired as a First Lieutenant. 

“I served in helping refuel our fleet and merchant vessels,” he says of his later career.

Aldo has traveled extensively but has always maintained a base in Peru, where he and his wife raised their two sons. He returned to school in the early 2000s, earned a Master’s in Business Administration, and later earned a degree in International Business at Nova Southeastern University, FL. 

After moving to the U.S., he obtained certification as a Project Manager Professional (PMP). He then worked as a Project and Operations Manager in industries including international logistics, consulting, and technical services.


Life as a Shipboard Incident Manager

“I was looking for a new role back in March. They got back to me, and I did a couple of interviews. I saw the GEM and Princess websites, what they’re doing, and their customer service record. As a former naval officer and project manager, I was excited about that.”

The incident manager position entails making sure systems work as expected. The role changes by the minute and includes oversight of critical incidents and system escalations from initiation to resolution. Workflow analysis, embarkation, disembarkation, and assisting the crew are all part of the position.

“How can we provide the best experience for the client aboard the ship?” he asks rhetorically. “Leadership is making improvements for better solutions all the time. I see progress with the whole team. It’s great to see how we evolve and simplify the processes on board.”


Life at Home

Life At Home

One of Aldo’s sons recently graduated college and works in Peru. His younger son lives in Fort Lauderdale with Aldo and his wife and is preparing for college. He is an avid reader, plays soccer, runs in the park near his home, and continues to take courses, always learning.

“Of course, I enjoy this side, being on a cruise. But at the same time, even though It’s different from the military, I’m familiar with these types of customer solutions.”

When asked about a philosophy he values, he responds, “How to be resourceful.”