Optimizing a Multi-channel Campaign

Optimizing a Multi-channel Campaign within the Insurance Market

California Earthquake Authority (CEA), a not-for-profit organization that connects earthquake insurance providers with consumers, wanted to create and implement an innovative, highly-personalized yet simple multi-channel marketing campaign.


They wanted to increase their response rate and the number of policyholders by:

  • Accelerating and augmenting Brand-to-Customer relationships
  • Increasing visibility into prospects by analyzing collected business intelligence data
  • Maintaining accurate and relevant communications to build brand awareness and loyalty

As we move into our third decade of serving California, we are inviting everyone to take another look at what CEA now has to offer. Earthquake risk is real, but so is the value of earthquake insurance. Our new products and tools put every Californian in the driver’s seat to select the policy that meets their own needs and budget.

- Glenn Pomeroy, CEO, CEA


CEA wanted marketing campaigns that were more relevant and engaging, which would allow them to increase their numbers for new policyholders with improved matchback and response rates. We reevaluated their target audience and then provided multi-channel campaigns that would integrate within their existing efforts to help the Brand connect and communicate with an expanded reach of qualified prospects. Our team then executed the following tactics:

  • Developed and implemented three customized email campaigns with creative, dynamic content
  • Launched a direct mail campaign to reach email respondents, creating a second touch point with
    a specific Call-To-Action
  • Integrated both physical and digital creative efforts, with customized links to inspire prospects to learn more and interact with the Brand


Our team cross-collaborated with Brand stakeholders to identify key prospect interaction points and existing CRMs within the CEA Ecosystem. LMS built dynamic email templates that allowed the Brand to leverage their messaging across email and direct mail channels. Prior to and throughout the 2017 campaigns, we performed multiple analyses to ensure the messaging and reach of each effort was effective:

  • Our team analyzed the policyholder list and identified an opportunity to redefine the targeted audience
  • We analyzed subject line performance and repeatedly tweaked messaging for better results


Optimizing a Multi-channel Campaign connected the Brand with a wider targeted audience than before; it also supported CEA’s need to increase its matchback and response rates. Benefits found through analysis included:

  • Brand Experience Lift throughout the Prospect Lifecycle
  • 15,000 Increase in New Policyholders
  • Increased Number of Qualified Prospects for Policies
  • Increase in Matchback and Response Rates
  • Increased Prospect Engagement

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