Consulting Delivered Hyper-Personalized Guest Experiences

Their Challenge

One of the world’s largest cruise brands wanted to create and deliver an innovative, hyper-personalized, and immersive guest experience to become the best-in-class vacation provider and improve their customer loyalty. LMS, Inc. was brought on board as consultants to help the brand overcome the challenges of aligning its vision and minimizing friction points in building a customized concierge experience. LMS consulting delivered hyper-personalized guest experiences. This involved conquering technology challenges and developing a host of virtual services including:

  • Virtual concierge that informs guests of available experiences and provides personalized recommendations based on lifestyle preferences, location, time of day, past experiences, and other data points from guest profiles
  • A touchless pay system that allows guests to conveniently and securely make payments for experiences
  • On-demand service system for ordering items to guests’ exact location, including toiletries, special orders, and food and beverage

Other functions were built to facilitate and automate the onboarding process, shopping, games, shipboard navigation, dietary restrictions accommodations, and real-time feedback. LMS consulting delivered hyper-personalized guest experiences.

How Consulting Delivered Hyper-Personalized Guest Experiences

Our team started by providing consultation services in the way of project management and continues to share our services throughout the life of the project. We coordinate and collaborate with dozens of other global companies to communicate cross-project dependencies, assist with resolutions on delayed development, and further develop specialized products.

As the project evolved, the Brand’s Leadership designated our consultants as the Experience Operations Team, responsible for ensuring a successful global guest experience transformation. Comprised of Business Analysts and Architects, we became primarily responsible for ensuring an enhanced and hyper-personalized customer experience.

Working from the Partner’s main operations hub, our consultants operated on a mock ship that simulates the cruise experience. We guided end-to-end testing services on software systems that were deployed into a live cruise ship environment.

We also embedded Project Managers onboard ships to ensure that individual components of the guest experience ecosystem operate correctly to meet guests’ needs and enhance the onboard experience.

Our Process

We continue to communicate experience progress and gaps onboard and on land as it relates to project performance. We translate project vision into functional solutions and communicate them via project management to ensure that all products are refined with the latest development expectations.

Additional project responsibilities include:

  • Manage functionality goal testing, debugging, and defects
  • Implement solutions to minimize technology risks
  • Remove any blockers throughout the software development lifecycle
  • Perform quality analysis in front-end and back-end testing

Their Results

We collaborated with our Partner to develop a working solution that provides a baseline set of capabilities for the initial number of targeted ships.

  • Products and services were successfully introduced to thousands of guests
  • Hyper-personalized technology was refined and scaled for the first cruise and are being included in the next wave of cruise ships in the Brand’s fleet
  • Friction points were addressed and improved for a seamless, hyper-personalized experience

Our team has been delivering consultation services to this Partner for over 2 years and we continue to collaborate together. These services are currently being used to build up their technology and personalization capabilities to reach a larger audience, from hundreds of guests to hundreds of cruise ships.

Your Options

Although these solutions have been integrated within a travel and tourism brand, it can be customized to any industry for you. With the power of data and our consultation services, you can establish superior hyper-personalized experiences for your Brand. No matter your goals, we will translate your visions into successful, cutting-edge products and services. Your company stands unique within your industry, and your placement needs to be a priority.
Our strategies are:

  • Personalized and configurable for your industry
  • Able to fit the size you are today and the size you want to be tomorrow
  • Scalable from transactions per second to microseconds, national to global, analog to digital

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