Customer Relationship Management (CRM), in its simplest form, manages and improves customer and guest relationships and interactions. Leveraging algorithmic decision-making with real-time customer data is indispensable in improving the customer experience and increasing profits.

The era of using data from previous years for educated projections has long passed. Data streams include social media, supply chains, emails, and anything from weather patterns to health conditions in other nations. CRM has converted customer support from reactive to proactive to drive sales and marketing.

Improving business relationships to improve your business is the result of an effective CRM system. What used to take a team to accomplish should now be handled by a robust cloud CRM with flexibility and scalability.

CRM and Our Partners


In 2015, Hologic, Inc. (Nasdaq: HOLX) was challenged with upgrading communications between its customers (doctors and medical facilities) and users (patients). Improving the marketability of the Company’s medical devices to its customers meant providing a more personalized experience to benefit each patient’s health directly.

Hologic is a global medical technology innovator focused on improving women’s health and well-being through early detection and treatment. It develops digital imaging technology for radiography and mammography applications, revolutionizing breast cancer detection.

Hologic also champions women through the Hologic Global Women’s Health Index and Project Health Equality, which elevates access to quality care for underserved women. All of these sources make up a broad, diverse, and worldwide customer base. 


Also, in 2015, Carnival Corp. (NASDAQ: CCL and CUK), the standard in the cruise industry, launched its revolutionary MedallionClass® technology for its subsidiary Princess Cruises. The quarter-sized, wearable technology enables guests to check in, access their staterooms, order drinks and meals, use wifi, and virtually all services available aboard a cruise ship. It also enables crew members to immediately identify guests with no verbal communication.

LMS proprietary xOpsTools technology currently incorporates CRM into its system from a single dashboard. Previously, Princess used the technology of dozens of third-party vendors to accomplish the same task. Management of both the front and back end of the system and reliance on third-party systems have been virtually eliminated. 

Our CRM application supports operations around the globe for Princess, impacting tens of thousands of simultaneous users on mobile devices. This includes guests, crew, and LMS team members (the xOps Team) supporting Princess’ MedallionClass® application. 

Real-time information is a window into the minds of your guests. A self-contained, independent network, smartly incorporating years of data and analytics, enables intuitive responses to human behavior. It provides insight into where they go, what they order, which devices they access, and the applications they use.

Nearly a decade of managing CRM and mobile applications for Fortune 500 global enterprises has shown LMS and its partners the value of self-reliance. As a solely-owned, private enterprise, LMS partners are able to interact with one entity without the outside influence of a board of directors or a conglomerate, fostering communication, confidence, and productivity.

The Old Systems Weren’t Optimized

Previously, our partners’ third-party CRM systems were not working on par with a Fortune 500 enterprise. Each organization had unique challenges, but both had a critical need to increase their prestige and profitability. 

Hologic, as a medical technology innovator, needed to expand its reach to make its products available to more facilities and patients.

Princess needed to provide a better experience for its guests and in turn, increase customer loyalty in attract new customers.

Before the partnership, Hologic had been experiencing an inability to optimize its email system and import available Genius® 3D Mammography™ exam facilities into its database. It’s email communications inhibited the ability to conduct effective broadcast email campaigns for customers and patients. 

The LMS Tech team created a cloud-based CRM with a more intuitive analytical assessment of Hologic’s user activity. It optimized the ability of Hologic’s database to work for them. As a result, they could better understand their clients and customers and target them accordingly. 

The new customized system targeted each end-user based on their profile and history of interactions. Patients can now directly engage in ongoing dialogue and find a facility with the Genius® 3D Mammography™ exam within 20 miles of their zip code.

The Princess xOps Solution

For Princess, the need for the xOpsTools CRM application arose from the inefficiency of third-party vendors and the need to scale. Through bureaucracy and a willingness to settle for less, other vendors failed to deliver the effective CRM system that the enterprise envisioned.

The LMS xOps team was inspired and created xOpsTools to monitor microservices that make guest operations operate as seamlessly as imagined. Fewer issues and interruptions are the result, and transparency across the network makes it easier to locate and address problems as they arise.

The xOpsTools technology incorporates CRM into the system. It continues to work in concert with our partner’s third-party vendors, as well as supporting Princess’ proprietary MedallionClass® application.


LMS cloud CRM solutions cater to our partner’s needs. The proprietary technologies have increased efficiency and profitability. Proactive monitoring and 24/7 support teams assure system integrity. The LMS CRM solutions are flexible enough to work on their own or as part of a global network, including other vendors and technologies.

LMS CRM solutions are able to support the innovative technologies of a global enterprise while providing them with a solely-owned partner with which to collaborate. As the world shrinks and organizations grow, an independent, trusted partner with a singular vision is an increasingly rare commodity. 

What once was considered acceptable CRM technology is no longer an option. Off-the-shelf dashboards may work for the small company but not the Fortune 500 enterprise, simultaneously serving thousands of customers and guests. It is a new world. New and customized CRM technologies are no longer advantageous but imperative.