Wandry App

Is there a dream getaway you want to take? Does the current state of the world make it unpractical? Don’t let these challenges keep you at home. With a little planning, the new Wandry app turns challenges into dreams.

Traveling presents priceless opportunities to push yourself out of your comfort zone. These days, it is especially true facing changing travel rules and requirements, city mandates, and limited services.

That’s why we launched a travel application, Wandry, to help keep you in your comfort zone. Wandry provides essential features to ensure a smooth arrival to your destination, whether across the state or the world.

Now that the Holidays are upon us spend less time searching and more time celebrating. Trust the Wandry app to save precious time searching for travel information about your destination. Consult it before you go and use it as your guide while you travel.

So how does Wandry help create a more seamless travel experience? We offer the following tools to guide you through planning and along the way.

Know Before You Go

Under the Travel Specifications feature, Wandry provides up-to-date information from official government sources. Therefore, you know if your destination is open for travel and what the requirements are to go.

Feature Puerto Rico, for example. Wandry alerts you that travelers from US territories must be fully vaccinated. They also must show a negative Covid-19 test result taken no more than 72 hours before hotel check-in. Use the Wandry app beforehand, and you’ll also know that you need a mask in all indoor spaces.

US citizens do not need a Visa to enter Puerto Rico. However, you must complete the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). It provides you with an Airport Exit Confirmation number and QR code.

Wandry provides the form, and you automatically receive the number and code when uploading your Covid information. When you arrive, customs agents require your passport and match their electronic records to yours.

Get Prepared

Did you know a negative Covid test is required to re-enter the US? Even if fully vaccinated? Wandry gives you options on where and when to get your test and any fees required.

Use the Wandry app to learn ahead of time and save yourself the trouble.

Did you know that Los Angeles will require vaccinations for everyone who enters bars, gyms, entertainment venues, and other public places beginning November 4, 2021? Imagine stepping off the plane at LAX and discovering you cannot attend the Lakers game you came for that night.

You didn’t consult Wandry ahead of time? Consult the app now. Receive links to local sites and discover that walk-in vaccination sites are available at national drug store chains in the area. In a time of uncertainty everywhere, you cannot afford to travel unprepared.

Weather Alerts

Another essential tool is the Weather Alerts feature, providing up-to-date alerts wherever you are.

Marseille, France, for example, was hit with seven and a half inches of rain in 48 hours in October – what they usually receive in three months. Wandry weather Alerts would let you know of the pending danger, locations, and subsequent overrunning of rivers and roads if you were there.

In Italy this summer, a wildfire raged through a nature preserve in Pescara, forcing residents to evacuate. Known for its beaches, a tourist heading that way might not know. Wandry’s Weather Alerts can make a difference in the outcome of a potentially disastrous situation.

More exotic plans? Consider the Island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. A devastating volcano eruption began in September and continues today, disrupting travel to the island. The Wandry Weather and Prepare features will warn you ahead of time.

Use the Wandry App

Don’t spend time on your phone searching multiple apps looking for hotels and restaurants. Let Wandry find them for you. Instead, have fun taking photos of friends and family. It’s a challenging time for everyone, with different rules for different places. Turn the challenges into opportunities.

Stay prepared and be ready for anything when you travel. There will be other events at home and worldwide for years to come, including weather, political unrest, economic crises, and other epidemics. Don’t let yourself get caught off guard with hazards and restrictions.

Make sure you’re ready for your trip. A good plan, a good map, and a good leader make for a confident journey. Let the Wandry app lead the way, and be ready for anything.