Two hands using a tablet with a graphic brain overlay.

Machine learning is an important tool that no company can ever afford to leave out of its toolkit. Every day, more businesses are using machine learning to better serve their customers and to better utilize their human employees. Looking toward the future, machine learning will grow ever more central to business operations, saving time and effort and allowing companies to provide personalized, magical experiences that delight customers. 

People see machine learning being put to use every day. Social media platforms use facial recognition programs to suggest people to tag in photos. Machine learning is used for translation programs, speech recognition programs, medical diagnoses, loan default prediction, and many more applications.

But how can your company put it to use? 

Felix Torres, Chief Technology Officer at LMS, provided the following insights on adopting a machine learning strategy, and the value that it can bring to your business:

“As a business, it’s important to first look internally on the ways that you can implement a machine learning strategy. Use yourself as a guinea pig before you try to implement it with clients or consumer-facing products. Think about ways that you can improve your operations or automate certain tasks with AI and ML, as this will prove a great learning experience and hopefully build a solid platform to continue building better products. Thankfully, the barrier to entry has gotten easier as machine learning and AI has become more readily available. You can use out-of-the-box solutions such as AWS SageMaker, that help your data science team get running incredibly quickly.” 

Machine learning is being used today in just about every industry. As you go about your day, and you are walking down a street in your city, look up and try to find the cameras placed on poles and buildings. The software used to program the cameras could be recognizing you and your fellow citizens as you go about your daily activities. But on the other hand, machine learning programs used by medical facilities and hospitals could possibly save your life by having learned what a blob on your MRI could mean, helping your physician get you the treatment you need. Now is the time to learn more.