LMS next-generation web launch

The LMS next-generation web launch happens today. With recent innovations in our CRM and data technology, the new LMSonline.com celebrates a new era in the LMS evolution. 

The rapid development of our effective CRM, data science, and operations capabilities establishes a foundation for expansion. Not only the technologies but the deployment and maintenance are what make it work.

LMS and its subsidiaries have built upon years of data science ingenuity to develop broad-minded CRM and Network Operations (NOC) technologies. Combined with project management, we enable diverse global organizations to consistently deliver beyond expectations.

LMS Next-Generation Web Launch

Putting People and Innovation First

The new site unveils our products and culture, focusing on LMS as the parent company, with links to GEM and the forthcoming LMS Tech subsidiaries. The site structure is simple, but the enhanced inclusion of team member stories, photos, and videos combine to demonstrate what works for us and what makes us work. 

Putting people and innovation first has defined LMS throughout its 28-year history, which we also celebrate this month. We have provided marketing and technical services to Fortune 500 organizations since the beginning. Our client partners have been diverse, including medical, hospitality, entertainment, and tourism.

With the refinement of data science and experience with multiple global-scale operations, we provide game-changing results for organizations looking to deliver mind-blowing guest experiences.

LMS Next-Generation Web Launch

Intelligent Solutions for Innovative Partners 

Our new online presence also showcases our pioneering technologies that reshape guest relations. The next generation of our “xOpsTools” app is also ready for release, employed as part of our NOCs. It is a practical application built with efficiency, security, and adaptability. 

“It’s an exciting time for us and a watershed moment in our history, particularly with regard to the use and implementation of new technologies,” said LMS CEO and President Steve Cohen. “We also learn each day that a healthy culture focusing on the individual benefits the company as a whole.”

Technology at Our Core, Curious at Heart

Our team works remotely from locations worldwide and our offices in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Continuing education is of supreme importance to our team, and recognizing the talents each individual brings with them each day is essential to our culture.

We invite you to look at who we are and what we do. We are proud of the LMS next-generation web launch, our people, and the accomplishments we have made. It is a new era for our company, our partners, our technologies, and our team. Opportunities abound, and we look forward to sharing them with you.