October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it’s a good time to remind yourself or a loved one to schedule a mammogram for 2020. Mammograms are an effective way to help protect yourself, according to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, by helping doctors catch cancer earlier and increasing the chances of a successful recovery. 

This year has been a particularly challenging time for anyone to keep up with their health screenings, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many doctor’s offices and mammogram clinics were closed or only offered emergency services, but as clinics open back up it’s time to reschedule. National Breast Cancer Foundation Founder/CEO Janelle Hail conveys the importance of getting your mammogram on the calendar:

We need to silence the voices in our heads that say mammograms are not necessary. Statistics from the American Cancer Society say breast cancer death rates are down 39% since 1989, attributed to both improvements in treatment and early detection by mammograms.

Hologic, an innovative medical technology company, offers Genius® 3D Mammography™. Hologic is a partner with LMS, and together our goal is to encourage women to schedule an exam this year. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the perfect time to get the message out, and our CRM solutions are helping Hologic reach as many of its clients as possible with targeted messaging specifically for each individual in the database.

How is it possible to send personalized messages with a very large database? LMS’s technology is customer-centric and was developed from years of experience in the hospitality industry. Email communications are tailored to each client through deep analysis and segmenting, creating layers of communication that do not overlap or send the same message over and over again. Through the database, technology can seek out and create groups of customers that are at similar points in their customer journey, sending them pre-written messages that are curated to their status. For instance, a client who had already set a reminder was excluded from subsequent email broadcasts. 

Earlier in 2020, we supported Hologic in their Back to Screening campaign to encourage women to schedule mammogram appointments as clinics began reopening after pandemic-caused closures. Corporate research indicated that about six million women had missed their originally scheduled appointments over the course of the last few months. 

The email marketing solutions that LMS provides also allow patients to set up their own reminders. Those who get an email suggesting they set up a reminder are directed to a landing page where they can set an alert. The landing page also allows patients to check where they can get a more comfortable and less time-consuming Genius®  exam, which has been found to detect 20-65% more invasive breast cancers compared to 2D technology alone. 

Most women, when given a choice, would prefer a less painful and more accurate mammogram. In fact, the National Institutes for Health reports that about 50% of women put off a mammogram because of the fear of a painful experience. Communicating the options could encourage more women to schedule a mammogram, thus having the potential to save more lives.

By leveraging business intelligence, big data, cutting-edge technology, and operational excellence, LMS has created systems that give patients a very individualized experience. So, no one ever feels the company does not care about them as distinct individuals, we use targeted communications to create a personal relationship with each client. 

We’re proud of our work with Hologic and are dedicated to helping solidify the relationship between the brand and its clients and conveying the critical importance of regular mammography exams.