A Day in the Life of a UI Designer

The user interface designer links you and your user. Technically a subset of UX (user experience), UI designers create what visitors see when they visit your site, app, game, or interactive element. Conceptually, it is turning vision into reality.

Turning Vision Into Reality

LMS UI/Graphic Designer Stuart Letizia ensures the look and feel of diverse interactive projects for us. He works closely with web developers, engineers, creatives, and executives to deliver digital products.

“Think of the word ‘interactivity,’” he says, explaining the UI designer role. “How people interact with any given product or environment. It considers the overall value, function, and takeaway impressions during the user’s experience.”

Turning vision into reality

A Collective Vision

Diplomacy is a must. UI designers spend considerable time in meetings, tailoring art and science to sync with stakeholder visions. In Stuart’s case, he often acts as meeting host, leading a guided tech tour. 

The position of UI designer has grown as the world has shrunk. Consequently, artists and graphic designers – including Stuart – upgrade their skills to optimize their talents.

“It’s important to remember that UX design, UI design, and graphic design have a few notable distinctions, as these are not perfectly interchangeable terms. At the most basic level, UI comprises all the elements that enable someone to interact with a product or service.”

Be prepared to never stop learning. It doesn't end, and you never ‘arrive.’ So you need to love the journey.

- Stuart Letizia, LMS UI/Graphic Designer

A Day in the Life of a UI Developer 

A day in the life of a UI developer is a mental marathon. Like the web developer, software or DevOps engineer, or any other specialized tech professional, discipline is crucial.

“The overall goal is to continually shape and train my ‘appetite’ with disciplinary nurturing. It’s like exercise: Neglect this, and you lapse and lose focus. I need to maintain a level of creative strength to sustain me during long stretches that might not allow me a chance to refuel along the way.”

Stuart alternates software programs depending on the project. One moment, he’s working on a new website. Later, it’s an email broadcast. Talk to him again, and he’s adjusting the color scheme for an app supporting a Fortune 500 enterprise.

He will tell you immediately that you never ‘arrive’ as a UI designer. 

“I continually adapt and grow, adding new skills to my tool belt. Now is no exception. We continually attend streamed conferences and partake in working and team-building sessions to keep ourselves sharp.”

He advises the same to aspiring UI and UX designers. Enjoy the ride, and keep learning. 

In summary, the value of a UI designer who gets your vision and positively influences your culture is immeasurable. In the interactive, virtual world, turning vision into reality is all that matters.

Turning vision into reality