Why Companies Need Strategic Partners

As brands explore opportunities to refine and hyper-personalize the customer experience, it’s easy to hit technological and analytical roadblocks.

Not every company has the digital infrastructure or institutional knowledge to translate their visions into reality. Companies can better realize their potential by finding a long-term strategic partner.

What Should a Strategic Partner Provide?

A strategic partner must be able to translate the project vision into functional solutions. They must have the ability to communicate with all stakeholders and teams to ensure that all products meet development expectations on an ongoing basis.

The partner should be able to provide long-term project management with the capability to collaborate with dozens of other teams. Together, the partner can guide the project towards success by communicating cross-project dependencies, assisting with delay resolutions, and even developing specialized products as needed.

In for the Long Haul

Writing for the Powerlinx blog, Maria Martyak emphasizes that real strategic partners are not just one-and-done consultants:

Overall, it’s important to remember that strategic alliances take time to develop… A partnership will bring payback in value and revenue over a longer period of time. Though partners should not expect to see all of their goals fulfilled early on, they must still hold each other accountable for deliverables and sticking to deadlines.

A strategic partner can translate your company’s vision of next-generation customer engagement into real-world products and services, helping your brand create hyper-personalized experiences for consumers or guests.

For example, the LMS team has been delivering consultation and collaboration services to a global cruise brand partner for more than two years. Our services are currently being used to scale-up technology solutions to provide hyper-personalization capabilities to an audience of thousands.

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