Why Communication Timing Matters in Marketing

Companies spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to gather increasingly personalized data about customers, so it’s natural to want to maximize its use in marketing. Return on investment dictates if you’re paying for data, it should be put to work.

Although, there is a danger in sending out too many marketing messages, whether personalized or not. Bombarding customers with too much will weary them, increasing the chance they’ll unsubscribe from your communication channels.

Recency And Frequency

Two simple-to-calculate measurements are useful for marketers: recency and frequency. Recency is defined as the time elapsed since a marketing email was sent, a commercial was broadcast, or an advertisement was published. Frequency is a measure of how many times you touch each person with your marketing message.

By restricting the number of communications to prevent marketing fatigue, your company can concentrate on improving the quality of your messages using hyper-personalized data. Properly calibrating your messaging with respect to recency and frequency protects you from wearing out your welcome with potential customers.

Marketing Fatigue

The natural human tendency is to think more is always better. Is the cake good? Yes! Eat another slice! Did that marketing email lead to a sale? It led to 10! Send another! Overexposure to messaging leads to ever-diminishing returns, according to researchers investigating the effectiveness of health messages:

Psychological reactance theory sheds light on how (a) fatigued audience would react when they are exposed to an unsolicited message that is seemingly similar to the ones they already feel tired of hearing about. PRT postulates that individuals believe that they have an inherent right to freely make their own choices without external influences. Thus, when individuals think their freedom is threatened or eliminated, they experience reactance that motivates them to restore their freedom by exhibiting opposition or by resisting external pressures that impinge on their freedom.

An audience that no longer listens is not an audience that will buy. Recency and frequency are metrics to guide marketers in avoiding the psychological trap of over-exposure.

How We Help

At LMS, our experts help you collect, manage, and integrate high-quality data into your marketing efforts. Within a partnership, your business can take advantage of Big Data analysis combined with innovative methodologies. In addition, we help create actionable strategies to optimize your messaging, avoiding marketing fatigue. Contact us today at LMSonline.com.


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