What’s Next in the Future of Travel

The future of the travel industry is digital. To stay competitive, companies will have to embrace digital technologies that allow them unprecedented levels of personalized service to customers.


The future of travel means hyper-personalization. It’s no longer sufficient to understand potential customers as demographic categories. To stay relevant, travel companies must utilize digital technologies to understand their customers on an individual level. Technology can provide customized guest experiences, perhaps as simple as being able to automatically suggest concerts a guest would like based on the music they stream or recommendations for a particular restaurant based on their previous food choices.

Mobile-First Strategies

The future of travel means taking advantage of the ever-connected world of smartphones and mobile devices to provide services and collect data. Rob Torres, Google’s managing director of advertising and marketing for the travel sector, said that the travel industry must center user experiences around the devices:

The onus of being mobile-first is now on travel companies; we owe it to global mobile users to both improve baseline experience (in terms of speed and usability) as well as to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of mobile devices (there are about 10 distinct sensors in most smartphones). Progressive Web App technology is delivering lightning fast speeds for companies like MakeMyTrip and Booking.com as well as offline functionality for AirBerlin passengers on the go. Uber, which used the power of GPS to revolutionize transportation, recently allowed travelers to book simply via phone number in India, where downloading the full app might present a barrier for many users.

The Power Of Data

How can travel companies tap into the world of hyper-personalized service? It requires technical know-how and ingenuity to translate data into audience engagement. We use creative, IT-enabled practices and Big Data analysis to create actionable strategies. You can better understand your customers and guests on a personal level by collecting, managing, and integrating high-quality data through our microservice solutions.

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