Understanding Guest Habits for a Greater Hospitality Experience

Contenders in the hospitality industry are facing a challenge. With an increase of choices available to guests — whether through no-brand short-term lodgings like Airbnb or because digital marketing gives smaller, boutique establishments more reach — hospitality companies struggle to distinguish themselves from other brands.

The Guest Experience

In today’s hospitality marketplace, competitive advantages are related less to physical facilities and more toward the level of personal service available. In Today’s Hotelier, Larry Mogelonsky wrote about the importance of delivering a customized guest experience that is both memorable and enriching, reaching the pinnacle of the hierarchy of their needs:

Self-actualization is where you want to be, delivery of which typically results in lifelong memories, extreme levels of positive sentiments and unswerving loyalty. Naturally, commentary on Yelp, TripAdvisor and other third-party review sites reflect these achievements with exuberant and exceptionally compelling appraisals, which will definitely help to convert future guests.

Providing a memorable experience could be as simple as wishing someone a happy birthday, remembering their favorite drink, or being able to suggest social activities they would enjoy. Digital technology can be leveraged to ensure both front-of-house and back-of-house staff are aware of the interaction points where the personal touch is most effective.

Personalized Data

Business intelligence is built upon understanding the customer journey. The first step is identifying and quantifying all the interaction points in the hospitality experience: collecting psychographic and social data on guests’ likes and dislikes, their habits, and preferences, from food to activities, gives companies the opportunity to hyper-personalize individual experiences.

Yet even the best data is useless without a strategy and a means to put into action. The ubiquitous smartphone gives companies a platform for increasing guest engagement through the creation of easily usable and useful apps for guests.

Partnering For Success

This sort of hyper-personalized approach is not out of reach for your business. Partner with LMS to transform your guest experience using Big Data analysis and sound, actionable strategies. Contact us today 800.257.5902.


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