Trick or Treat: Using Digital Technology to Help Guests Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

For today’s hotel brands, personalization has never been more important. The act of welcoming guests has gone beyond simple greetings and fresh cookies; it now includes keeping track of their preferences and providing them with a hyper-personalized experience. 

Dietary Challenges

One of the easiest ways to ruin a guest’s stay is to send them to the hospital. If the restaurant staff doesn’t  keep track of potential food allergies, that’s exactly what could happen. Even a non-life-threatening faux-pas, like recommending a meat dish to a vegan, can sour the guest relationship. 

With the right digital technology, hospitality brands can avoid missing the little things that make a hotel stay go wrong and provide their guests with the kind of personalized service they’ve come to expect. Through the collection and analysis of data about guest purchases and preferences, team members can gain the insight needed to provide the best service. 

Event Recommendations

Guests look to their hotel staff to provide ideas and recommendations for things to do while  on vacation. But if guest services staff aren’t familiar with the individual guest, it can be difficult to know what to suggest. The wrong suggestion can mean hours of boredom or stress for guests — not the impression a hospitality brand wants to leave them with. 

That’s where hotel brands can leverage AI-powered applications to supplement the human touch. For example, a hotel brand could develop chatbots that guests can easily access from smartphones or other mobile devices. In an article for McKinsey Digital, Dilip Bhattacharjee, Jules Seeley, and Nathan Seitzman dive into some of the possibilities of the technology:

As natural language processing technology continues to improve, chatbots will get better at conversing with users and handling all the steps in the travel journey from research to booking to stay. Chatbots with artificial intelligence capabilities should be able to learn a user’s travel preferences based on past bookings, reviews, even social media activity, then use this data to extrapolate and make valuable suggestions on destinations, lodging options, restaurants, events, and anything else that might hold special appeal for the user.

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