Transform Your Business with T.I.M.E.™

New software that will save you time and cost for repeat mailings

Direct mail marketing is still highly effective in this digital age. Especially if your business targets the right residents, which will lead to new sales, higher response rates, and updated strategies to achieve your desired return on investment.

The Technology team at LMS developed a new software to ensure successful businesses like yours reach their target customers and have the most accurate mailing list.

Continue reading to learn all about our new proprietary tool and how it will transform your business by managing data more effectively.

What is T.I.M.E.™

Territory Integrated Management Efficiency (T.I.M.E.™) software is a web-based application, which is used for processing data, counts by zip code, carrier routes, and determining the last time a specific carrier route was used in a mail plan.

How T.I.M.E.™ Works

T.I.M.E.™ works with any postal data associated with your business’s marketing campaigns from any point in time.

Step 1: Upload a list of qualified prospect addresses for a specified campaign.

Step 2: The application will sort through and divide the zip codes into common carrier routes, allowing your mailings to be in close proximity to save on postage costs.

Step 3: The T.I.M.E.™ user makes a selection depending on mailing history that consists of the last mailed date and piece type.

Key Feature: T.I.M.E.™ is also designed to save the mailing history of when a set of carrier routes was last used. This ensures there is no oversaturation to recipients with the same mail piece or duplicates sent within a campaign.

LMS provides the right addresses to get the highest response rates.

Why Your Business Needs T.I.M.E.™

  1. Reduce Resource Expenditure
  2. Avoid Oversaturation to Leads
  3. Maximize Postal Discounting

LMS Innovation

We are always working towards innovation and contributing to the digital future. Our proprietary tools are designed for our partners to achieve long-term growth and success.

To create something that has yet to be conceived, one must have the vision to see where the business is moving and the resources to charge ahead with confidence.

Contact LMS to see how we can create your vision.

LMS supports our marketing partners by sharing the T.I.M.E.™ software and other innovative applications. We provide the tools and the team so your business can reach its full potential. Contact us today at 800.257.5902 to learn more about our T.I.M.E.™ software and how we can transform your business with our data management solutions.




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