The Secret Sauce: Using Data to Improve Restaurant Service

For consumers at restaurants, a quality customer experience is about more than just food arriving on time or servers who remember to refill their drinks. It’s also about enjoying the dining experience and not walking away with a foodborne illness or an allergic reaction.

Using Data to Improve Food Safety

No restaurant chain needs a reputation for foodborne illnesses. Take the case of Chipotle Mexican Grill, which has never completely recovered from an E. coli outbreak in 2015.

Restaurants have more tools at their disposal to improve food safety than bleach and latex gloves. Collecting and analyzing data about kitchen operations and logistics can be used to pinpoint and correct safety and sanitation issues.

In Diversey blog, Deniz Alpaslan writes that the data collected during regular inspections of kitchen sanitary conditions in individual restaurants can be put to work on a broader scale for chains:

Audits and inspections are a tool for recognizing accomplishments and strengths and help restaurants drive continuous improvement by identifying trends and concerns.

Web-based systems can collect, analyze and report secure data and results from inspections almost instantly, from any place and in all major languages. This data provides better visibility of performance across all or just one site in order to maintain consistent standards of hygiene and safety.

Boosting the Customer Experience

Data analysis can be used to boost the frontend experience for customers while optimizing backend operations in restaurants. Does a repeat customer have an allergy to peanuts or gluten intolerance? Kitchen and wait staff can be forewarned of the dietary restrictions, ensuring no mistakes are made that could ruin the customer’s evening or even endanger their life.

We Can Help

LMS can help individual restaurants or chains implement the data collection and analysis backbone needed to improve operations. Our experts have the technical knowledge and insight to help restaurants create quality and safe customer experiences. Call us at 800.257.5902 or reach out to us today at


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