The Role of Data Science in Customer Experience

Delivering a personalized experience in an impersonal world.

Data science is transforming the way that companies understand and serve consumers, providing tools to tailor their interactions with individual customers. We spoke with our very own LMS Data Scientist Vanessa Eaton about the role of this innovative field in personalizing the customer experience.

Question: What is the role of a data scientist?

Answer: A data scientist investigates the reason why things are the way they are by looking at the behavior of customers and digging deeper. It’s not just saying, “These were our sales last quarter,” but, “Why did we have these sales?”

There is also the predictive nature of this type of the work: bringing all of the research together and all the understanding of the scope of the project to make inferences for the future. In business, they call it insight.

Q: What are the basic tools of a data scientist?

A: We are using tools that very similar to a computer engineer. We’re doing coding and using a lot of statistics, a lot of mathematics, to get those insights.

The tools I use in my role include a coding language called Python. I’m a Python developer. There is another coding language that is very popular in data science called R, which is a statistical coding language. It’s centered around mathematical functions. Python is more of a multi-purpose general language.

Q: How does a data scientist approach a problem?

A: I always describe what I do as literally the scientific process: summarizing what I know, what information is available, and understanding it very well, using that to create a hypothesis and then testing it. Does it give me the results I want based on my prediction?

If it hasn’t turned out the way we thought it would, we go back and refine some of our methods. Eventually, through that process, you get a production-level product.

Q: What are the challenges of properly collecting data?

A: There is a lot of what is called “dirty data” out in the world. A lot of data is not labeled. The holy grail of data science is to get a data set that is clean and labeled and ready to use, and it just doesn’t exist out there in the wild. You want your data engineered well. A lot of the challenge for data scientists is just cleaning the data so you can actually begin to understand it.

When you are fully integrated and have well-engineered data and have production-level data science happening, you’re able to generate meaningful insights.

Q: How can data science improve customer experience?

A: Data science is directly related to the customer experience realm. When you are doing it right, all of these things you’re doing, all of these insights you are creating, really help deliver a personalized experience in a very impersonal world. The internet is very impersonal. At the same time, we can use data science to personalize the experience that somebody has when they are there. They can feel like they have a connection.

We Can Help

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