The Power of End-to-end Customer Engagement in the Travel Industry

Travelers are turning away from web-based travel services and relying on smartphone apps for booking flights and lodging. They expect quick, frictionless experiences from start to finish during their customer journey.

Fine-tuning the Customer Journey

To compete in a crowded marketplace, travel brands have to provide exceptional customer experiences from start to finish. They have to fine-tune every touchpoint during the customer journey to ensure the cumulative experience is frictionless.

For many travelers, these touchpoints are being facilitated through smartphone apps. From the moment they book a flight to the moment they return home, travelers want a fast and convenient mobile customer experience.

Those brands that can design their apps to meet and exceed the expectations of travelers at these touchpoints will thrive. Those that ignore the mobile experience do so at their own peril.

Three Questions

Writing about technology trends and the future of travel, Rob Torres, Google’s Managing Director of Advertising and Marketing for the travel sector, poses three questions that travel brands must answer about their mobile apps:

  1. Is your mobile experience fast, simple, and delightful?
  2. Are you leveraging the connectivity of devices or immersive experience to deliver a superior discovery, booking, and/or travel experience?
  3. How can you use machine learning to solve the biggest challenges in your business?

Data Analysis

Delighting travelers with easy-to-use and convenient app functions will keep them returning to use your service. Beyond simple transactions, travel and tourism brands can capitalize on machine learning and Big Data analysis to offer hyper-personalized customer interactions through their apps. An app could help the traveler book flights, offer virtual concierge services during the trip, and then offer travel tips to make the journey home quicker and more enjoyable.

At LMS, our team of experts know how to build the digital infrastructure to power useful travel apps. We can provide the tools to gather and analyze detailed customer data to offer the customized service that they expect. Reach out to us today at


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