Telling a Story: The Art and Science of Data Visualizations 

Businesses are data-driven. Communicating that data in a manner that is useful and accessible to decision-makers is not always easy. Data visualization is about telling stories and distilling information in creative, efficient, and ultimately useful ways.

Speed to Insight

The most important characteristic of a useful data visualization is speed to insight. People who are not data scientists should be able to look at a graphic and immediately grasp the information to be able to tell the story in their own words. 

Incorporating too much information, employing complicated metrics, or creating a confusing and crowded design can give clients data indigestion. A visualization should be simple enough that the story should pop off the page and it should be immediately accessible to any audience, regardless of how analytically sophisticated they are.

Holistic Perspectives

Effective data visualization is also about helping clients discover the real questions that matter to their businesses. The first question they want to have answered may not always be the real question. For example, a business client, looking to guide marketing expenditures in the most efficient way, might ask a simple binary question: Are we losing money on this program or product? 

This question leads to more factors to consider. There’s not only revenue and costs to consider, but there are  guest experiences and operational efficiency. Data visualization can tell a story about each of those factors and help figure out what information is truly useful to the business.

The act of building a data visualization can help redefine the questions being asked to be more inclusive and holistic. It’s an iterative process of taking those ideas, drilling down and refining them until the story the data visualization tells resonates with the stakeholders.

Taking Stock

The LMS team is experienced with developing Big Data-driven insights that can guide decision-makers in implementing the most successful marketing campaigns as well as broader business and operational strategies. Contact us by phone at 800.257.5902 or via email at to learn more.


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