Technology Innovations in History: Radio

It’s easy to take inventions of the past for granted, especially with so many exciting innovations in this modern age. But we can’t forget to appreciate the foundations of technology and the historic moments that changed the world forever. The radio is one such example.

The radio was invented in the 19th century, signaling the evolution of consumer culture and mass marketing.

One hundred and twenty years later, the radio continuously evolves with the advent of the digital era where we still tune in for news, stories, music, and advertisements.

The radio is just one example of an invention that would eventually help shape the world to the way it is today. From ships to cars to the apps on our phones, it’s hard to imagine a world where we couldn’t listen to music on the go.

Technology has played a vital role in the LMS story. It’s what allows us to connect with our partners and accomplish great things. After all, it helped establish the opportunity for mass marketing; now companies like ours are able to work with businesses and accelerate success.

What are you looking to accomplish in the world of technological innovations?

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