Team-Building and the Art of Collaboration

Building teams that can work with other teams

When it comes to the power of teams, a CEO shouldn’t be afraid to think big. Businesses can jumpstart innovation by empowering small teams that can operate outside of their normal organizational structure. At the same time, this requires a culture of collaboration woven into the fabric of the company. 

Collaborative Culture

Writing in Harvard Business Review, Lynda Gratton and Tamara J. Erickson focus on the best practices for building collaborative teams. Developing these truly collaborative teams requires thinking beyond just what technical knowhow is needed:

Strengthening your organization’s capacity for collaboration requires a combination of long-term investments—in building relationships and trust, in developing a culture in which senior leaders are role models of cooperation—and smart near-term decisions about the ways teams are formed, roles are defined, and challenges and tasks are articulated. Practices and structures that may have worked well with simple teams of people who were all in one location and knew one another are likely to lead to failure when teams grow more complex.

Teams of Individuals

The best organizations pay as much attention to the natures of the individual team members as they do to the teams as a whole. Quoted in CIO Magazine, Cindy Chu emphasized the importance of developing individuals in building team culture:

Because people are different, they have different paths to success. It’s important not to expect everyone to work, communicate, or lead in the same way. As a manager, it’s your role to recognize those differences and help people find what works for them. When you recognize people’s different personalities and support unique opportunities to help them grow, they’re going to feel happier, more productive and invested in their job.

Power of Partnership

Building and coordinating multiple teams is one of LMS’s areas of expertise. Not only do our experts specialize in putting together the right teams, they are also experienced in helping manage the collaborative process of dozens of outside teams and partners. Contact us by phone at 800.257.5902 or via email at


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