Stocking Up With AI

Using data to power restaurant delivery and supply logistics

Responding to changing consumer desires, restaurants and dining brands are using Big Data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) to transform how they manage their logistics and supply chains. Customers are demanding personalized service that caters to their tastes and dietary requirements, from fast food to fine dining.

Hold the Pickles

A Forbes article, quoting Marc Flood, CIO of HAVI, addresses the logistics and inventory challenges that personalization brings to the quick service restaurant segment:

“In the past, you have a relatively static menu. When you sold the cheeseburger, it always came with one piece of lettuce, X amount of ketchup, X amount of mustard, and two pickle slices,” Flood says. “It was a very static build so you could count how many cheeseburgers you sold,” and from there, the restaurant knew how many buns, patties, cheese slices, ketchup, mustard, and pickles to re-order. Today you need to build the changing preferences and trends into “an increasingly challenging model to accurately forecast and accurately deliver inventory into the restaurant.”

To keep up with the changing demand for ingredients, data analysis and machine learning can be put to work optimizing the supply chain, aiding with tracking and stocking information on a real-time basis. 

From the Warehouse to the Kitchen

Innovations in digital technology can be applied to the transportation of food and kitchen supplies for restaurants. For example, UPS cuts down on delivery times and costs by uses an AI-powered GPS tool to create the most efficient transportation routes. The company estimates that it saves $50 million per year for every mile reduced fleetwide.

Finding a Restaurant Data Analysis Partner

Restaurant chains of any size can benefit from using digital technology to improve supply chain logistics. LMS has years of experience implementing the data systems that can be used to transform delivery logistics. Contact us at 800.257.5902 or email us today at


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