Still Not GDPR Compliant? LMS Offers 5 Tips for Businesses One Month Later

Data-driven consulting firm advises companies still struggling with new regulations

ORLANDO, Fla. – June 26, 2018 – LMS Inc., a leading data-driven consumer experience consulting firm, is offering advice to businesses that are still struggling with new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). As a pioneer in data-driven consulting, LMS has worked diligently to comply. They have also served as GDPR experts for clients, including a high-tech customer experience project for a leading cruise company.

“LMS is fully committed to compliance and protecting personal data,” said Steve Cohen, Chief Executive Officer and founder of LMS. “We take privacy concerns seriously and we work ardently with our partners to help manage data responsibly.”

In the months leading up to the policy change, several surveys revealed most companies would not be fully compliant before the May 25 deadline. Failure to adequately prepare for the European Union’s data protection changes could lead to serious fines.

LMS offers these five tips for businesses still racing to reach compliance:

1. Focus on compliance – If you know you aren’t compliant, achieving that standard should be your main business focus. Your company’s finances and reputation could suffer if you procrastinate. Even if you don’t believe your organization is impacted by GDPR, it is valuable to evaluate your data protection policies and make sure you’re conforming to regulations.

2. Prioritize consent – The key component of GDPR is consent, so you should prioritize this measure as you work toward compliance. Ensure your company has permission from users to gather their data.
3. Designate an officer – Name a data protection officer or officers to oversee compliance with personal data and handle any issues that arise. Part of your policy should name who is responsible for each action if a breach or other problem occurs.

4. Be transparent – If a data breach happens, it must be reported to affected users within 72 hours. It is crucial that companies are transparent about breaches. However, this is not the only time transparency is key. If a regulator does ask questions about your compliance, seek legal help, but be straightforward about any issues. Regulators will evaluate responsiveness and intent before imposing fines and penalties.

5. Get assistance – It is likely better to pay someone to help your company reach compliance than face the fines and damage to your reputation that can result from a data breach or other data protection issue. There are a number of companies like LMS Inc. that can help businesses responsibly manage data.

GDPR complaints have already been levied against several big companies, but even lower profile businesses may find themselves in hot water if they don’t evaluate their policies. LMS can help companies navigate compliance with new data protection regulations and keep them out of the headlines and the courtroom.

About LMS Inc.
LMS Inc. is a data-driven consulting firm that offers sophisticated consumer solutions for their partners. For more than 20 years, LMS has evolved their methodologies beyond the traditional use of both digital and offline channel marketing. Their data-optimized strategies and consumer insights serve as a base for establishing lasting relationships between partnering clients and their target audience. From customized direct and digital campaigns to comprehensive customer relationship strategies, LMS is positioned to serve as a long-term data solutions partner.
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