Shaking Things Up: Disrupting Your Hospitality Brand 

Nobody wants to be bored, especially not the guests of your hotel, resort, or cruise company.

The hospitality industry is all about providing consistent, quality guest experiences, but modern consumers want more than that. They want to enjoy exceptional experiences.

To thrive, hospitality companies can’t be content with “good enough”. They must aim to disrupt their own brands and focus on true innovation. To be willing to disrupt your own brand — to play what Simon Sinek describes as an “infinite game” — takes full commitment. 

Writing in Forbes, Greg Thomas describes the qualities needed for businesses to shift their focus to playing truly infinite games:

… You have to have the capacity for existential flexibility. This is much bigger than the daily flexibility that we need to have in our jobs. An existential flex is the capacity to make a dramatically huge strategic shift in an entirely new direction to advance our cause.

And finally, you have to have the courage to lead. That means the courage to say, “That’s bad for business, and I’m going to do it differently.” People may call you naïve and say you don’t understand the business. You may say they don’t understand the game they’re playing. That takes tremendous courage.

Improving Customer Experience 

Like the biggest Silicon Valley companies, hospitality brands need to deliver a compelling reason for customers to buy into their brand’s message. Guests need to feel like their hotels and resorts are doing something unique, whether that’s using online services to help make check-in more painless or smart devices to make the initial room experience more personal.

Big Data analysis and machine learning technology are giving hospitality companies the ability to disrupt their own brand offerings with ambitious customer experience projects like Carnival Corporation’s Ocean Medallion project. 

This focus on exceptional, magical guest experience is a key investment for businesses in the hospitality industry, but creating these disruptive experience initiatives require support from across an organization. Delivering transformative customer experiences requires an all-hands-on-deck approach to innovation, rather than a purely reactionary one.

Finding a Partner to Help 

If your company is looking to become more disruptive within the hospitality industry but doesn’t know where to start, LMS can help as your strategic partner. Call us at 800-257-5902 or email us at


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