Seamless Vacations Without Seeing the Stitches

Travelers want to enjoy relaxing vacations without glitches or frustrating setbacks. They expect the same experience during their entire customer journey, from when they book a hotel online to the moment they return home.

Winning Customer Experiences

Successful companies realize the importance of ensuring that all the touchpoints of the customer experience are frictionless. Tourism and travel brands have begun leveraging Big Data analysis and machine learning to power hyper-personalized customer interactions in all stages of the experience.

Every touchpoint within the customer experience must be fine-tuned. Customers don’t need to know how data is applied or how the software is designed — they just want the convenience of functionality, simplicity, and relevant options. However, that personalization and seamless experience depends on the expert application of data behind the scenes.

Companies must be able to draw insights from the data they gather to put it towards the best use. Harry Bowcott, writing in “Powered by data, driven by people: The travel sector’s future,” reports that data alone is not the answer:

How do you identify the right few properties for specific consumers? Personalization. In itself, that’s just a motherhood-and-apple-pie statement, but I mean something rather different. Personalization is about understanding which data help you to personalize your offering meaningfully.

Properly used on the backend, data analysis can be used by travelers to find not just the best prices on flights, but the most convenient travel options.  Virtual concierge services can suggest entertainment and dining options during the trip. Smartphone apps can give customers the ability to check-in for flights or lodging to help smooth the journey home.

Importance of Data

Not every company has the in-house experience to put customer data to its best use or to build the digital backbone needed to power the collection, analysis, and application of that data. The team of experts at LMS can help. Our proven tools gather detailed customer data while our analysis capabilities provide the insight needed to provide seamless customized service for travelers. Reach out to us today at


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