Retail Recommendations: Personalizing the Customer Experience

Brick-and-mortar retail businesses and online sellers have a vested interest in keeping customers coming back. As competition intensifies in the retail environment, companies and brands seeking to set themselves apart must fine-tune their customer experience by offering helpful, personalized information.

The Power of Product Recommendations

Whether marketing through email campaigns alone or in conjunction with push notifications from smartphone apps, being able to offer customer recommendations about products and services is a proven way to appeal to buyers, according to a recent study from Liveclicker and The Relevancy Group:

Consumers say the inclusion of relevant product recommendations is the email approach that they appreciate most from retailers… Some 55 percent of consumers surveyed say they prefer email messages from retailers that include relevant product recommendations.

Customer Preferences

Being able to provide useful and accurate recommendations is the key to success. Developing appropriate customer recommendations is not an art, but a science. A science involving thorough analysis of customer preferences and buying patterns to provide information about deals and special offers they are actually interested in — rather than unwanted offers that amount to little more than noise.

By analyzing past purchases and shopping habits, customers can be provided with individualized recommendations for products and services that cater to their interests through email campaigns or notifications from smartphone apps.

Analyze Retail Behavior

Data analysis can also be used to customize individual user experiences throughout the customer journey. However, part of the challenge is being able to collect and analyze the right information. Not every business has the resources or the institutional capability to build the digital infrastructure needed from scratch.

Developing and implementing the right infrastructure to analyze customer behavior is possible for retail businesses of any size, with the help of LMS. We have decades of experience in collecting and analyzing customer behavior data to help you provide useful recommendations to your customers. We can also navigate data privacy regulations. Contact us today at to learn more.


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