Recruit Your All-Star Team with Machine Learning

When the “Human” in HR is a Machine

Building the perfect C-suite team can be a leadership challenge in any economy, especially during the tightest job market in 50 years. Machine learning and Big Data analysis can give CEOs and their companies better tools to reduce recruiting time and expense, cutting down on bad hiring choices.

Improve Recruiting

In “How Machine Learning Can Improve Recruiting,” an article by Oracle staff, the authors write that many companies are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) applications to review résumés, screen candidates, and source talent:

How is machine learning doing this? Machine learning iteratively applies algorithmic analytical models to preprocessed data to uncover hidden patterns or trends that can be used to flag ideal résumés to review, predict the correct response to inquiries in the pre-engagement, or identify the best candidates for talent sourcing. While all of these areas can help reduce time and money spent to fill the position, there is one we believe can make the biggest impact to ensure you are hiring the right person: talent sourcing.

These companies use machine learning to flag and identify the best candidates, providing insight that human resources personnel can leverage.

Opportunities for Growth

Over at IBM, AI has become a tool for cultivating existing team members, promoting their growth by pinpointing skill, and development opportunities, according to CNBC:

The new era of AI-centered human resources will improve upon something many human-led HR teams can’t handle as effectively as a machine that can crunch millions of data points and learn in new ways. Recognizing the true resource potential of individuals and serving as growth engines for companies.

Project Coordination Experts

Learning how to apply machine learning in a business context can be challenging. That’s where a strategic partnership with the experts at LMS can help. We can guide and coordinate the work of multiple teams contributing to the development of innovative data solutions. Contact us by phone at 800.257.5902 or via email at to learn how we can help.


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