Put the Customer in Your Org Chart

Why You Need an Experience Officer in the C-Suite

A Chief Experience Officer (CXO) should be an integral part of the modern C-suite, but so many companies still don’t have one. Having an Experience Officer on your leadership team can provide an organizational focus on delivering the kind of personalized customer experience that consumers now expect.

What Can an Experience Officer Do for My Company?

An Experience Officer should represent a link between the top of your company and the experience of individual consumers during their customer journey. That kind of connection creates a powerful impact and, according to Denise Lee Yohn in an article for the Harvard Business Review, every company should take advantage of it:

[Customer experience] has become the new marketing. It influences brand perceptions and impacts business performance just as strongly as traditional marketing such as media advertising and price promotions once did. A good customer experience makes a person five times more likely to recommend a company and more likely to purchase in the future.

The Experience Officer sets the vision for the development of a comprehensive, nuanced view of a company’s user experience at each engagement level, from customer service to company websites, and all the touchpoints a customer might interact with.

Ultimately, the Experience Officer’s presence in a company pushes teams to polish, refine and transform the customer experience. Their work is driven by the customer, and they act as an advocate for the customer within the company.

What Unique Benefits Can an Experience Officer Provide?

Beyond setting a direction for developing a transformative customer experience, an Experience Officer provides the opportunity to turn your company’s attention inward, guiding efforts to innovate and disrupt its own brand. In an article for CEO Monthly, Frédéric Durand writes:

The Chief Experience Officer (CXO) must lead the company in becoming more customer-oriented, which might require disrupting some core structures within an organization. The CXO is most valuable when an internal transformation is required, helping to drive better customer interactions and enhance the overall business performance.

Experience Officers need to be willing to challenge the existing structures of their business to build a culture of customer-centric development. To accomplish their goals, they need the support of the C-suite to be effective at creating value.
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