Promoting Innovation in the Food and Beverage Industry

Why technology needs to be your focus in 2019

Digital technology is transforming the food and beverage industry as companies turn to Big Data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) to find competitive manufacturing advantages. With the proper infrastructure to collect and analyze data, it can be used to provide insights into the supply chain, streamline processes and logistics, and help companies trim costs.

AI-Driven Manufacturing Shift

MarTech Insights writes that innovations in AI and Internet of Things (IoT) technology are opening up ever-greater manufacturing capabilities for the food and beverage industry. Not only does the technology give larger companies the ability to transform their operations, it is opening up the playing field to allow even smaller entrants into the industry to compete successfully:

Predictive Quality Analytics is the technique of deriving meaningful insights about machine behavior. The process usually involves embedding sensors, software etc. on physical machines and collating raw data about machine performance. This data is then processed from a business goal perspective and applied in stages to Operation Technology, which is technology related to physical machinery.

Today, due to the surging demand and quality requirements, enterprising F&B brands are investing heavily in new machinery. This machinery allows them to explore newer avenues of pasteurization, high-pressure processing, UV treatment, and nanotechnology.

Technical Expertise

Even smaller food and beverage companies can take advantage of digital technologies to enhance their manufacturing processes. A lack of in-house technical expertise does not have to be a barrier to creating and harnessing the digital infrastructure necessary. At LMS, our experts have years of experience in creating and managing the digital processes needed to integrate AI and machine learning into daily operations. Call us at 800-257-5902 or email us today at


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