Phones on the Table: Creating a One-Stop Hub for Restaurants

As consumer spending on dining out continues to lag, digital apps and Big Data analysis are giving the restaurant industry a chance for renewed growth in an era of changing consumer habits.

A report by the National Restaurant Association discusses how the food industry can leverage the power of Big Data analysis to create hyper-personalized guest experiences:

Personalizing customer experiences becomes reality when you draw on all of the data available about your guests… Bars and restaurants use that data to build customer profiles that include favorite drinks and food. They also use it to create loyalty programs with promotions that target specific items they like to order. In fact, data-driven insight can maximize your marketing ROI.

Personalization can appeal to customers with dietary restrictions. For example, an app could remember that specific customers prefer to order gluten-free and vegan products, making it easy for them to find the options that they are most likely to purchase.

Smartphone Apps

Restaurants can create branded smartphone apps that provide consumers a one-stop hub to order food, schedule a pickup or delivery, peruse menus, and learn about specials. According to Techahead, the data that apps collect can be used to further refine the customer experience:

The data enables users to access information on average wait time, delivery experience, grievance record or redressal, customer service, taste of food, menu choices, loyalty and reward point programs and product stock and inventory data. These apps not only help increase sales but also ensure that they build brand image and create a special bond and relationship with customers. This leads to repeat customers who tend to become loyal to their favorite brand.

We Can Help

Whether a corporate chain or an individual restaurant, food industry businesses don’t have to reinvent the digital infrastructure to power smartphone apps on their own. The experts at LMS can help design and implement the systems needed to create personalized guest experiences that will keep patrons coming back. Contact us today at


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