Navigating Automotive Marketing For Electric Vehicles

Automotive marketing is undergoing a transformation as the world prepares for a future without gasoline-powered vehicles.

According to a report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the adoption rate of electric vehicles (EV) is poised to skyrocket in the next two decades.

The EV revolution is going to hit the car market even harder and faster than BNEF predicted a year ago. EVs are on track to accelerate to 54 percent of new car sales by 2040. Tumbling battery prices mean that EVs will have lower lifetime costs, and will be cheaper to buy, than internal combustion engine (ICE) cars in most countries by 2025-29.

As purchasing patterns for vehicles shift, the whole business system will change. Mechanics and dealerships have to begin rethinking guest automotive experiences and servicing options.

Informed Consumers

The National Automobile Dealers Association reports that dealerships must be able to educate their salespeople about the capabilities and specifications of electric vehicle to make them effective at marketing the vehicles:

Successfully marketing EVs hinges on a dealer’s ability to turn salespeople into ‘EV experts’ in order to make a customer feel confident about investing in a vehicle that may require them to think differently about commuting, long-distance travel, service, financing and even parking.

For example, General Motors uses software tools, which can be accessed by customers and sales staff, to answer most of the questions that someone curious about electric vehicles might ask. The company also uses chat teams to respond to questions from potential customers.

Mobile apps are a promising vehicle for providing the answers and information that salespeople need to convert customers inclined toward purchasing gasoline-powered vehicles to potential electric vehicle purchasers. By analyzing customer preferences and demographics, the apps could provide customized suggestions for the model of electric vehicle most suitable for a particular customer.

Digital Solutions

We will develop and implement the digital tools needed for your automotive business to navigate the shift to electric vehicles. We can put the infrastructure in place to collect and analyze the high-quality data needed to provide the answers and recommendations that are most useful to potential electric vehicle purchasers. Contact us today at


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