Micro-Solutions and Reaching the Right Customers

Grow and retain your audience through personalization

For brands looking to thrive in the modern marketplace, one-size-fits-all marketing and the same old boring customer experience won’t cut it for today’s diverse consumer base. People want to be treated as individuals, and they expect that personalized approach to carry over throughout their entire customer journey.

With sufficient data about prospective customers on an individual level, brands can target their marketing efforts to provide the greatest effect. The subject is tackled in Forbes article, “Personalize Your Customer Communications With These Data-Driven Strategies,” which emphasizes the utility of personalized data in reaching the right audience:

The data lets you understand your market better so that you can cast a more targeted net, not necessarily a wider one. By diving deep into a market segment, we can better understand the preferred audience as well as the nomenclature, style and tone to personalize content. Content made for a law firm is not going to be the same as that created for a vegan restaurant. Content is not universal.

Micro-Solutions and the Customer Experience

To reach the right audience, brands need the right data. But how can they collect it? Micro-services can provide custom data solutions that allow companies to collect, manage, and integrate customer information down to an individual level. The useful, high-quality data gathered through the micro-services can be integrated into marketing efforts to help gain new customers and can also be put to use to personalize the experience of existing ones.

Putting the data to work extends beyond marketing. Using that data to personalize their experiences is vital to retaining customers, and it’s something that many brands are failing at. In a Forbes article, Michael Evans, citing the results of Forrester Research’s 2018 Customer Experience Index report, wrote that consumers are increasingly ranking their customer experience with brands as mediocre:

A key insight from the report is that it is harder than ever to achieve truly memorable customer interactions, the types that turn customers into vocal advocates. But there is a silver lining. Successfully creating seamless experiences can be a significant competitive advantage, especially in industries where product or service differentiation is narrow.

From Information to Action

Data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) are giving companies new ways to personalize marketing and improve the customer experience. But the technology has to be coupled with human insight to live up to its full potential. Personalized information has to be put to work through an actionable strategy or it’s a wasted opportunity.

The experts at LMS have decades of experience building micro-service solutions to help your company collect, manage, and integrate high-quality data needed for personalized marketing. We can also help develop the strategies to put that information to work targeting the right audience and providing personalized experiences for individual customers. Contact us at 800.257.5902 or email us today at contact@lmsonline.com.


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