New Has Always Been Our Normal

For well over two decades, and certainly in the past several weeks, it has been quite a voyage for the LMS team and our partners. Nonetheless, our posture has always been one of flexibility. We have pivoted our focus and approach to ensure the success of team and partners during this time.

Once cases of COVID-19 began to rise here in Florida, we moved quickly to protect our team’s health and well-being by transitioning to a 100% remote workforce. For years our team has been supporting partners in some of the most remote areas of the world. However, our most recent remote efforts have been dictated far more by necessity, not just our partner’s needs.

New has always been our normal; world events are now the motivator. Although it does pose its challenges, this shift in business climate gives LMS the opportunity to pivot and evolve into a better partner for our partners, focusing on CRM and ACQUISITION initiatives and developing innovative, cloud-based applications. We have always, and will continue to remain sustainable and relevant while providing significant utility to our valued partners. Our goal is to deliver cutting-edge services that provide consistent, discernable, significant value.

In an article inside the Harvard Business Review, Ted Waldron and James Wetherbe write that all businesses have an opportunity to transform themselves during the pandemic, if they are willing to rise to the challenge. 

Your company can demonstrate going “above and beyond” in various ways, all of which point to silver linings of the pandemic experience. Make it evident that your company is well-positioned to maintain its revised business model until things return to normal, signaling that it is weathering the storm. 

Moreover, highlight what your company has learned from the pandemic experience, as well as how these learnings might improve the way your company operates after the pandemic ends.

This is not the first storm that LMS has weathered and likely not the last. Remaining relevant during 9/11, while the world adjusted to the real threats of terrorism, we served our partners in their pursuits of efficiency, success, and cutting through clutter to achieve ROI. During the Great Recession of 2007-2009, we learned valuable lessons which led us to put tools, services, utilities, and procedures in place to prepare for the future…to prepare for today.

Change, Innovation, and all things NEW, is the LMS, NORMAL.


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