LMS Launches New Subsidiary Brand Focused on the Experience Industry

Guest Experience Maximization brand to introduce leading-edge guest-driven strategies and innovations


ORLANDO, Fla. – March 29, 2019 – LMS Inc., a leading data-driven marketing and consulting firm, has created a subsidiary brand to drive growth and promote innovation in the experience industry.

As the parent company, LMS is celebrating 25 years of providing excellence to over 1000 clients.  Industries continue to evolve therefore LMS is taking the initiative to adopt fresh strategies and to connect with new partnerships. As the experience industry grows, LMS has strategically bisected its focus to create Guest Experience Maximization (GEM).

“We’ve had several partnerships in this industry that we’ve continued to cultivate,” said Steve Cohen, Chief Executive Officer. “To better serve them and the future of customer experience, LMS will remain driven on the original path of our consultative and marketing efforts. With GEM, we’ll have the time and freedom to develop an enterprise of global solutions.”

With a focus on microservices and management strategies, GEM accelerates ahead with operations and data experts to provide innovative solutions within world-class guest experiences. Built to support the growth of the experience industry, LMS continues to recruit for their brands in Orlando and Miami.

“By creating GEM, it provides us the freedom we need to evolve,” Felix Torres, the Chief Technology Officer, said. “Now our microservices, our management strategies, and our team are properly prepared to better the guest experience for any brand.”

GEM has already built a relationship with Carnival Corporation and continues to work parallel with its parent company, LMS, in furthering its mission to innovate and deliver operational excellence and technical personalization. There is now elevated direction in the Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality industries to stand with industry leaders seeking to revolutionize their customer journey. The birth of GEM represents a pivotal turning point for its parent company as it has evolved to benefit guests and continues to add value to customer-centric organizations.


About LMS Inc.

LMS Inc. is a data-driven consulting firm that offers sophisticated consumer solutions for its client partners. For more than 20 years, LMS has evolved methodologies beyond the traditional use of both digital and offline channel marketing. LMS builds data-optimized strategies and consumer insights that serve as a base for establishing lasting relationships between partnering clients and their target audience. From customized direct and digital campaigns to comprehensive customer relationship strategies, LMS is positioned to serve as a long-term solutions partner.

For more information, or to explore career opportunities, visit www.LMSonline.com. You can also follow LMS on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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