LMS Embraces Hyper-Personalization & Doubles Business

Data-driven consulting firm expands revenue and adds 11 new employees in past year

ORLANDO, Fla. – April 4, 2018- LMS Inc., a leading data-driven consumer experience consulting firm, has evolved in their approach to courting customers, and they’ve boosted business by 200 percent as a result.

In the past, marketing companies were reactive, using client lists to reach potential customers through electronic and paper mail. However, advances in data collection presented a new opportunity, one LMS has strategically embraced to offer a more personal glimpse of consumers for their client partners.

“Take, for example, our partnership with a well-known cruise company,” said Steve Cohen, Chief Executive Officer and founder of LMS. “We helped them utilize data science to identify individual cruiser preferences for a personalized concierge experience, so if a guest enjoys lobster, or has a specific drink they prefer, a cruise restaurant may stock more lobster and offer them their favorite cocktail, all to enhance the guest’s experience.”

The enhanced cruise experience has become a model for other clients, as LMS uses data and marketing insights to partner with clients to get a more intimate understanding of current and potential customers, and then apply it in a practical way to achieve their business goals.

The difference has been profound for LMS. They’ve grown by 200 percent, made strategic appointments, and hired 11 new employees in the last year. They doubled their office space as well. LMS moved into their new Orlando headquarters in August and already reconfigured the space to accommodate their continued growth.

“LMS isn’t just hiring more people,” Cohen said. “We’re focused on hiring strategic, high-level professionals who understand the tailored, data-driven landscape.”

About LMS Inc.

LMS Inc., is a data-driven consulting firm that offers sophisticated consumer solutions for their client partners. For more than 20 years, LMS has evolved their methodologies beyond the traditional use of both digital and offline channel marketing. Their data-optimized strategies and consumer insights serve as a base for establishing lasting relationships between partnering clients and their target audience. From customized direct and digital campaigns to comprehensive customer relationship strategies, LMS is positioned to serve as a long-term data solutions partner.

For more information, or to explore career opportunities, visit LMSonline.com/careers.You can also follow LMS on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Heather Ripley
Ripley PR


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